Why Green?

The majority of Americans agree. We need more than 2 parties.


The Green Party presents a strong alternative for progressives who don't feel that the two major parties are a good fit for them. We take no corporate money and everything we do is based around 4 pillars:

1. Ecological Sustainability
2. Grassroots Democracy
3. Peace
4. Social Justice

The Green Party also has an anti-capitalist stance, unlike the two major parties. As a democratic socialist and member of the DSA, Jabari understands the link between capitalism and income inequality, racism, sexism, and war. He envisions a world in which basic human needs (food, water, shelter, and healthcare) are guaranteed, and in which land and natural resources are publicly owned and democratically managed. Finally, as a democratic socialist, Jabari supports the extension of democracy into everyday life—into the workplace, into city and town halls, and into businesses.