Police Reform

Black Lives Matter



Jabari supports the Right to Know Act and an end to Broken Windows Policing. Moving beyond those immediate goals, we need to erase the divisions between police and communities. That requires giving more control to citizens and strengthening residency requirements for officers.


  • Replace the appointed members of the CCRB with a fully elected civilian review board, with the power to discipline or fire police officers for misconduct.



  • Bring participatory budgeting to the NYPD, so that communities can vote on how funds are allocated. In 2016, the NYPD spent more money on body armor ($7.5 million) than body cameras ($6.4 million). Our tax dollars fund the NYPD, and we should be able to vote for more transparency and less militarization. Start with $1 million at every precinct, about 1.4% of the NYPD's annual budget:

    PB in the NYPD 


  • Tighten the laws surrounding residency requirements. The current law allows officers to live in NYC or its surrounding counties, which leads to racial disparities: the majority of black and hispanic officers live in NYC, but the majority of white officers do not.