The Bedford Union Armory

In our district, Jabari rejects the conversion of the Bedford Union Armory to luxury housing.

We need 100% Affordable Housing at the site. 
And put it in a Community Land Trust.

Citywide, the rent is too damn high, and it’s driving our city to record levels of homelessness.

Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 11.47.45 PM.png


Immediate action:

  • Reduce house flipping with a stronger anti-speculation tax. Switch from the current <3% to a higher declining graduated tax, as seen in this 2014 San Francisco model.
  • Implement a vacancy tax
  • Ban brokers fees for tenants and shift the burden to landlords

Followed by:

  • Only approve public funding for non-profit developers in the 35th
  • Require public release of developers' financials
    • With 100% transparency
    • And the promise of future audits
  • Place all publicly owned land in the 35th into community control.
    • In this district, our city sold 15 Lafayette Avenue to Rose Associates for $1. Rose Associates is one of the largest private developers in the city, with $29 million in profits every year - they don’t need incentives to consolidate more wealth. We need community-led development, and if land can be sold to private developers for $1, it can be sold to Community Land Trusts for the same price.


Working with Albany:

We desperately need home rule in NYC. Too many policy decisions regarding NYC housing are made at the state level in Albany. The state Senate, run by the Republican-IDC coalition, accepts millions in housing lobbyist money and maintains pro-developer policies like the 421-A tax break and MCI Loophole. New York City residents should control our homes, and Jabari will support any lawmakers in Albany who are willing to reignite the fight to repeal the Urstadt law.