Fighting Climate Change

New York City must redouble its efforts to transition to 100% renewable energy. For me, this is not simply about doing right by our children and grandchildren—which of course it is. But it’s also about addressing our crumbling infrastructure so that there might still be a New York left for our children to inherit. While you probably can tell that our underfunded public transit system is now decades behind the state of the art, less visible are the thousands of other cracks in the infrastructure threatening collapse.


During times of environmental catastrophe such as Hurricane Sandy, we see sharply the consequences of having too long underfunded the public sector. Taking climate change seriously today will mean investing in our resilience. It will mean raising the bar for what we mean by sustainable development. And fortunately, making all of this happen will mean lots of meaningful work for New Yorkers.

I support the Green Party’s Green New Deal, a plan which would help us meet our energy reduction target by 2030. Moreover, I work closely with Democratic Socialists in  ambitious


Community Energy

Conventional power grids that rely on fossil fuels can never be localized. They require huge plans that transfer energy across pipelines and substations that span thousands of miles, putting rural communities at risk of spills and exposure to toxins. But in 2017, with the microgrid technology now at our disposal, we can power our homes and offices with renewable energy harnessed safely and cleanly in our own backyard. As City Councilmember, I will work to see a new Brooklyn run on community energy.


Divesting Pension Funding From Pipelines and Fossil Fuels

As Councilmember, I will fight to ensure that the city’s pension fund is not gifted to banks investing in pipeline and fossil fuel industries.  


Support Citywide Efficiency Upgrades

When people think of emissions, they generally think of cars.